The ladies of our dough are the Petra flours: a balanced mixture of type 0 flour with very low protein value and whole wheat flour rich in vitamins, fiber and minerals that does not contain substances other than wheat.

The mixture of Briscola has a very high nutritional level and is ready to be submitted to our personal leavening process.

Fior di latte from Campania

Commonly known as mozzarella and different from buffalo mozzarella only for the type of milk used in production, respectively whole cow's milk and buffalo milk, Fior di latte is an irreplaceable ingredient of pizza.

Delicate flavor and fantastic hold in cooking with little release of liquids, he is the king of pizza, that of Briscola, but above all of tradition.

Without Fior di Latte we would not be anything!

The oven

Not just a simple oven, but much more: built with 300 refractory bricks that form a dome with 4 bases and a diameter of 130 cm, has a thickness, both on the ground and in the sky of the cooking chamber, that allows to imprison all the heat produced and distributed in a homogeneous and constant way.

This onven gives to Briscola's pizza the appearance and goodness that made it famous.

The combustion takes place without any release of soot during cooking, ensuring a healthier pizza and a fixed temperature of 380 degrees: the oven of wonders from Briscola takes only 50 seconds to serve a cooked to perfection pizza.

San Marzano tomato

San Marzano DOP tomato from Agro Sarnese Nocerino, an institution of Italian cuisine.

41 municipalities in the province of Naples, Salerno and Avellino have formed a Consortium that controls the production of this masterpiece from seed to packaging, assuring to the trade only packs numbered and certified by Ministero dell'Agricoltura.

Pomodoro San Marzano DOP of the Agro Sarnese Nocerino is just one and there is (really) no other one like it.

The leavening

A philosophy, a kind of meditation path.

Our dough undergoes three stages of leavening: silage, conservation and awakening of the product.

From the creation of dough loaves that rest at room temperature for 12 hours, to the Meditation Room, where the pasta is stored at a lower temperature, allowing the yeast and fermentation for at least 24 hours until it is awakened, phase in which the dough rises at room temperature for another 2 hours before use. A path in which Briscola's pizza undergoes a 70% hydration which makes it soft and soft, practically unmistakable.

Seeing is believing.

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